How To Save Your Unborn Child From Wi-Fi Radiation During Pregnancy

New Research Reveals That Wi-fi And Cellphones Increase The Risks of Pregnant Women Suffering a Miscarriage by Nearly 50%.

Don’t Ignore The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation During Pregnancy.

Can Wireless Radiation affect your baby during pregnancy and beyond?

In today’s world, we’re often found with a laptop in front of us, a phone in our hand and an array of other electronics buzzing around the house. As parents, the questions we should be asking are: what is radiation-emitting technology doing to our health and how can we protect ourselves and our little ones during pregnancy and beyond?

Wireless devices: a health threat during pregnancy?

A new campaign in the US says cellphones and wireless equipment risk the health of developing babies. A former member of the UK Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation examines the claims.

A group of doctors, scientists and non-profit organisations have launched an unofficial campaign encouraging pregnant women to limit their exposure to radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, computers and wireless telecommunications equipment in general “to protect themselves and their unborn children”.

Wi-Fi Exposure during pregnancy.

The researchers also found that fetuses are at an even higher risk to the effect of microwave radiation. These findings were based on a small number of animal studies performed in laboratories. The study authors concluded that pregnant women should avoid carrying their smartphones in their clothing.

Wi-Fi and EMF: What are the affects on unborn babies and children?

One question we should be asking ourselves, however, is how Wi-Fi could impact on our children.

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure found that children are more at risk from cell phones, laptops, cellular masts, Wi-Fi internet routers and microwave radiation.

Children have more absorbent brain tissue, and thinner skulls, leaving them more susceptible to microwave radiation than adults. The microwave radiation from wireless devices is currently classed as a Class 2B potential carcinogen.

Lead and the pesticide DDT are also classified as Class 2B. The time lapse between first exposure and potential tumour development can be decades, and so it is not yet known what effect the prevalence of Wi-Fi in society could be having on children’s brains.

Sadly, Wi-Fi has become more commonplace in our society.

From children’s tablets, to computer gaming hardware, many children now own toys that rely on Wi-Fi technology. Until more is known about the safety of Wi-Fi, these toys should be carefully regulated by governments but sadly often aren’t.

France has recently banned the use of Wi-Fi technology in nurseries and preschools that care for children aged three years and under. The law also dictates that Wi-Fi technology in elementary schools should be switched off when not in use.

Do you want to take the necessary precautions to protect your unborn child?

The human embryo and fetus has been reported to be particularly sensitive to Wi-Fi internet radiation and cell phones. And the health consequences of exposure may be severe, even if the radiation doses are too low to immediately affect the mother.

Although there is very clear evidence of the potential risk to mankind caused by cell phone usage and damaging Electromagnetic Radiation – the world will never stop using this technology.

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My baby suffered a serious birth defect, which I devastatingly had to terminate half way through my pregnancy. I used to wear an Apple Watch and use my cell phone. I’ve always questioned if that had anything to do with my poor baby’s defect. How do we know they are safe for pregnant women?
Lisa Williamson. Boston. USA.

In Reply: So very sorry to hear about your loss Lisa. Those things aren’t. They aren’t safe for non-pregnant women. If it is so damaging as to do that, what is our government/health care experts doing? It is never too late to protect you and your loved ones against THE DANGERS of this technology. Please be careful.
Mike Hollows. Newcastle Campus. USA.

Hate to say we told you so. Just one of innumerable adverse biological effects. Time to wake up and #DigitalDisconnect!
Julie Cromwell. California. USA.

When my wife got pregnant I hard wired my Wi-Fi devices to Ethernet cables when connected to the internet. However my TV also gives out the said Magnetic field (MF) non-ionizing radiation, something that adds to the amount of radiation in our homes. We always limit the use of mobile phones and use protective wallets and shields. 
Richard O’Brian. UK.

They do now that they 4g and many devices are now 5g tech. Still not crazy enough for most here to get their information from history rather than misleading controlled information sources (and many prominent so called alt right faces are controlled and supply dodgy info in with news about what has happened).
Rosie. USA.

My son wore a monitor for several weeks as part of an experiment. The only significant increase was when we drove under a high voltage power line, when the readings went off the scale. So maybe pregnant women shouldn’t drive or walk under power lines.
Cathy Davies. Toronto. CA.

I have a meter to measure radiation sources and output levels. The most powerful source in and around my house turns out to be the Wi-Fi router and our mobile phones. I’m currently constructing a simple Faraday cage to help stop the risks to my pregnant wife and my young children, whose bedrooms are being subjected to these fields. All you sceptics who deny the science should try doing some research, there’s plenty of evidence recorded that confirm the dangers.
Wilkinson. Nottingham. UK.

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